A Love for wine

Global Food and Wine Tours 

Food and wine connects people while traveling. Diversity in cuisine  captures a special moment when you first taste the new discovery on your palate.  Discover regional wines not offered locally that represent the people and culture on your journey.  Each destination we offer will have a unique culinary experience. 


Waterfalls and Nature

Natural Beauty On Land 

Connecting with nature will always leave a memory of  your journey. We specialize in slow paced nature walks to embrace the natural settings on your journey. Whether its birding, animal sanctuary education or river habitat preservation, our experiences provide the arrangements you expect. 


outdoor adventures

Hiking, Cycling and Birding

Those who prefer a slower pace of travel can have it all in the outdoors. Absorb the sights, sounds and beauty of the natural world while hiking and discovering birds, flora and fauna. Travel by bike or foot to enjoy the geography of a destination. We can arrange your travel for a specific season to bird migrations or fall foliage. 



History and human journeys

Culture and Humanity 

The evolution of societies always interest us. Where did our ancestors come from? How did people live in the previous centuries? The development of the human race teaches us how we evolved to the present moment. Discover human journeys across land and sea that relate to our past, present and future. 



special Events

Destination Weddings with Vacation Packages

Let’s face it – a special event is something we look back on for years to come, remembering the good times we’ve had and the wonderful people we’ve shared our lives with. When you travel for a wedding, utilize your time wisely to explore a destination with organized packages for all guests.